Thursday, February 11, 2010

Putting GOD First

God is drawing people to Himself. The growing excitement of the upcoming Opening Ceremonies and the first few days of competitions are causing people to think about what are the most important things. And commandment #1 (found in Exodus 20) could be stated simply "Put God first." God deserves to be #1 in our lives because it is His rightful place AND it is best for us!

Athletes continue to arrive in the Village. They are settling into their routines for each day: exercise, training, meals, rest, visiting with family & friends, media obligations, etc. Today was a 2-hour media day inside the village so you should be able to find many stories about the Whistler Village online now.

Here are a couple of them:

"Whistler Village Serves Up Free Burgers and Wii"
"Inter-faith chaplaincy plays role at Games"

Our Multi-Faith Centre continues to provide rooms for people of any religion to practice their faith. Here's one way to think about the value of the Multi-Faith Centre: inside the Village are many athletes, coaches and others who would like to go to church, synagague, mosque, or temple, but they either can't get there or don't know where to go. The Multi-Faith Centre provides several rooms so that multiple groups could be worshiping, praying, etc at the same time. Sort of like going down a street in your town and there being a Catholic church, an interdenominational Christian church, a Jewish synagogue, a mosque, a Buddhist temple and a Hindu temple all on the same street. That's the idea.

We Christian chaplains continue to connect with people God brings our way as we go throughout the Village each day. Some are friends who we have known for years and it's great to see them here and to be a spiritual encouragement to them. Others are new friends that we are just meeting. Even riding on the multiple buses each day to get from Point A to Point B - or grabbing a cup of coffee - provides opportunities to talk with people, to hear their stories, and to share the good news of Christ with them. Our Bible studies continue to grow. Keep praying.

A big prayer request would be for snowy, colder weather. It's pretty mild and today was a bit rainy. Vancouver and Whistler could use some snow. The weather is in the LORD's hands. Let's call on His name.

Thanks for continuing to pray. I appreciate the comments you leave on Facebook or on this blog page.

Putting GOD first...

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