Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ministry at World Cup Snowboard

North Country Ministries partnered together with mission teams from Hebron Baptist Church and Rochester Bible Baptist Church to serve at the World Cup Snowboarding at Whiteface Mountain on Feb 27-March 3. We had a great time, met some great people, and served others in Jesus' name. We served as volunteers for the event in various ways. We also brought with us and gave away goody bags, hand warmers, gospel tracts, cowbells and Bibles. We had some great conversations with folks, telling them of the Greatest Champion who has ever lived - Jesus Christ.
We pray that the conversations we had and the items we gave away will ultimately help lead people to faith in Jesus Christ. Will you join us in praying for that?
By the way, how do you like the last two pictures? Something seems a bit similar about them. Hmm. All pictures from World Cup Snowboarding compliments of Boyd Langley.