Friday, February 22, 2008

Goody Bags, Handwarmers and Cowbells

When you encounter someone from our North Country Ministries team, you may be given a goody bag, some handwarmers or a cowbell. Why do we give these things away? Simply put, we are servants of Jesus Christ, and one of the ways we serve Him is by serving others. These simple acts of kindness help us to demonstrate the love of God.
Goody bags - who doesn't want a goody bag filled with candy, gum, chapstick, bandaids (never know when you'll cut yourself hiking, skiing, sledding, skating or riding) and more?
Handwarmers - in the Bible, Jesus teaches us to serve others and meet their needs. On some sub-freezing days, a warm pair of handwarmers is just what people need.
Cowbells - how do you cheer during winter sports events?? One way is to ring your cowbell! We love to give away cowbells to help encourage on the athletes as they compete in their favorite sport. And the cowbells are great souvenirs.

Our motivation to serve others goes deeper than just our concern for you to have good breath (peppermints), unchapped lips, warm hands and a cowbell for cheering. We want everyone to know the incredible love that God has shown to all of us in Jesus Christ. We have found a great online flash video that we recommend to you: Click on it then let us know what you think.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Emily's Baptism

Many of you are familiar with our ministry Hospitality to Internationals. One of the young ladies who has taken a bold step of faith is Emily. She is a college student from Taiwan and a committed Christ-follower. She came to Lake Placid to work during her college term. While in town, she attended Bible studies at Lake Placid Baptist Church, and the Lord began to impress on her heart and mind that she needed to follow Christ in believer's baptism. To declare to the whole world that she is a disciple of Jesus Christ, she was baptized at LPBC. Here is the video of her baptism.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Free Water

Back a few years ago, our ministry was highlighted as part of the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions. Check out this short video clip that helps to illustrate the need to give to missions.