Sunday, February 28, 2010

Closing out the Games

I left Whistler today. We had our last worship service inside the Athletes Village, said our "good-byes" to people we have gotten to know in the past three weeks, and then headed down the Sea to Sky Highway from Whistler to Vancouver. We took a bus for the first hour of the trip to the town of Squamish, then jumped in chaplain Nick's Mitsubishi Delica for the second hour the rest of the way to Vancouver. We dropped Lindsay off with her friend, and then went to Nick's house.

On the ride down to Vancouver, the USA v Canada men's gold medal hockey game was on. Lindsay and Nick kept getting updates via text messages and iphone apps on the score. Canadians love hockey. The game was not quite over when we arrived to Nick's house, so we watched the overtime period. Congratulations to Canada. Now, what's such a big deal about hockey? It's not the only sport to follow.

Two of Nick's kids had a good time talking to Kim, Andy and Emma Grace via Skype. We also looked at lots of photos of my family on my computer. I'm grateful for Nick opening up his home to me for a night. This is host home #3. Tomorrow night's host home = LaGuardia aiport. My flights get me to NYC tomorrow night, then a short flight to Boston on Tues AM, then a short flight to Saranac Lake airport after that. Andy told me today that he hopes the school has a snow day on Tuesday so he can be home when I get home. That's my boy!

I posted all of my Olympic photos on my Facebook page if you'd like to see them.

The closing ceremonies were tonight. I watched them on CTV. One of the exciting parts of the closing ceremonies was to see Adam Pengilly be introduced for his newly-elected position as one of the Athlete Representatives on the International Olympic Committee. May God use Adam in that position of influence to be a light for Christ there. Well done, Adam, on a successful campaign! The LORD puts people right where HE wants them to be.

Tomorrow I will blog about my most lasting memories of the Games.

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Jim Hardman said...

Glad to have you back - coffee will be black, sweet, and hot Sunday morning :)

Jim Hardman