Monday, August 9, 2010

Ironman 2010 by Paul Buff

Editor's note: Paul Buff was a member of a volunteer team that traveled about 1100 miles from Kennesaw, GA to Lake Placid, NY to serve in Ironman Lake Placid 2010 and other ministries. He wrote a poem about his experience and I'd like to share it with you.


Seeking Your will as each day we pray

We’re leaving tomorrow to go Your way.

Everything’s packed and ready to go

Help us to others, Your love to show

Get to the church, then our plane we’ll meet,

Head to Boston first and leave the heat.

Grab our bags and run for the bus,

Our orange shirts let all see us.

Our next flight took us on to New York,

We can’t wait to do Your work.

Met with Brothers and Sisters at Lake Placid Church,

To challenge us as Your Word we search.

On to our “home” for a week to come,

Where it sure will be “cozy” for some.

Breakfast came early, our lunches were packed,

On the road to Lake Placid our vans were packed.

Got our assignments to various places

Where we’ll meet up with many faces.

Registration, hiking, face painting, moved chairs,

Balloons, snow cones, and lead others in prayers.

Ended the day with devotions and sharing,

How all were blessed by loving and caring.

Another day to serve, You whom we praise,

Our hands to heaven, we will raise.

Our duties brought us to meet again,

Some of those we now call friend.

Shared on the beach, the Oval, and set up a meal,

Prayed for some their injuries would heal.

The work day was long ,we’re tired and hot too,

But it was great to know that others saw You.

The suns coming up and we get to begin

Serving pancakes and breakfast and Your Word again.

Our day was filled with duties to each meet a need,

But our goal is the Gospel they’ll heed.

Many came to the church to be a part of “Iron Prayer”,

And left so much different than when they came there.

Lives were touched, changed, and never the same,

As into their hearts You surely came.

Race day is here and off to our stations,

To be part of Your work to various nations.

Such an honor and thrill to be able to meet,

All these athletes as they come to compete.

Passing out water and a word of cheer,

Seeing them try harder as they leave here.

Some come by tired, hurting, others seem fine,

Their goal being just the Finish Line.

Our purpose has been to be here for them,

But mainly through us they have seen Him.

Set up the tent for awards, for winning a place,

A meal, a prize, and applause for their race.

Much skill, dedication, practice, and care,

Was what drove them on and placed them there.

Our prayer has been that somehow we’ve told,

With lives and actions on Jesus we hold.

They too, can find the greatest emotion,

Is knowing God with true devotion.

Went to training sites where they learn to fly,

Through the air on their skis from up so high.

Had supper with some of North Country’s team,

Their love makes our family “at home” it seems.

Saw places where athletes train and play,

Enjoyed Your nature for part of the day.

Went to athletes tent for volunteers service,

Awards and prizes made some people nervous.

It’s great to see how much work , effort, and love,

Can be done if we’re driven from up above.

You’ve used our talents, time, and prayers,

To show others You’re the one who cares.

Our “works” all done this time but yet,

Your marvelous blessings we cannot forget.

By Paul Buff

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