Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Twenty-Dollar Blessing

How can you be a blessing to others, and possibly open up opportunities for the gospel to go forward? Check out this true story. It happened in Lake Placid, NY in fall 2009 and was passed along to me. The "man" in the story is an athlete who is deeply devoted to Christ. Here is the first-hand account:

A Twenty-Dollar Blessing

October 7, 2009 a man walks into the store.

“Do you have any gift cards?” The man asked pleasantly and yet skeptical. “Yeah, all these right here are our gift cards.” I replied, trying to hide the slight tone of annoyance in my voice as I pointed to all the gift cards right in front of him. Little did I know, I was about to be a part of an awesome blessing.

“If you could put twenty dollars on this and I will also get a Grande Americano, too, please,” the man said pleasantly, while handing me the gift card. “Okay," I replied. "Would you like a card holder for it?” “Naw, I’m good. But if you could just use this card for the next people coming in until it runs out.”

I looked at him puzzled and assumed the people coming in next were relatives. However, when the next couple came in, that was not what occurred.

“Two Grande coffees please,” the older man said. “Okay, you’re all set.” I said back. The man looked at me curiously, then glanced at his wife, confused about the situation he looked back at me shaking his head saying, “What?”

“You’re all set,” I said smiling. “That gentleman over there got your coffees.” They both looked at each other, glanced at the guy who paid for their coffees and said, “We don’t know that guy.”

My mouth kind of dropped because I thought I gave the wrong people the free drinks. I looked back at the man who gave the card and he was shaking his head as if I did it right. After the couple received their coffee, I then asked if he wanted the card back and he repeated, “No, just keep using it until it’s gone.”

I finally realized that he was buying these strangers coffee.

“I know it’s weird but someone did it for me once and now I am just passing on the blessing.” The man said as he picked up his drink and started heading towards to condiment bar.

The first couple that received the blessing went up to the man who was at the condiment bar and said, “Thank you”. His reply was, “You're welcome, have a great day and God bless.” My heart sank because of my previous attitude towards this nice man and he was giving God glory amidst it all. Needless to say some repenting was done for my ‘stinking thinking.’

I had a blast draining the card for each individual. It was a blessing for me to watch the surprise sweep across their faces when I said they were all set and hadn’t even taken any money out of their wallets. A few costumers were suspicious that someone else would do something so nice, for no reason, for nothing in return, and for a complete stranger.

It didn’t stop there either. This simple act of kindness opened a door for me to witness to my co-worker about God. We talked about how hard it is for people to receive something free such as a simple cup of coffee or as big as Jesus Christ who died and suffered for us. We talked about Jesus and His return and how the world is showing many signs that it is going to be soon; and it is better to be prepared than to be left in wonder about where we will go for eternity. We talked about how God isn’t religious but people make Him some sort of traditional religious act, instead of a relationship; which results in people being unable to differentiate truth from imagination.

A simple twenty dollars that the man gave not only blessed a few people with a free cup of coffee but an opportunity to win a soul for Christ.

Only twenty dollars.


True story written by: Ellysia Blinn

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Anonymous said...

I have a fondness for the Revolutionary number of 1776, so I have bought Panera Cards for $17.76 and given them to folks at a Christian Camp in Ashland, Virginia who live on little as a little bit of extra blessing for the work they do via a third party so to remain anonymous.